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The Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys will serve more than 51,000 girl and 18,000 adult members. The majority of our girls participate in troops with approximately 5,300 active troops in our new 49 county jurisdiction encompassing the Twin Cities area, southern Minnesota, and western Wisconsin. After analyzing the data from all five service centers, staff and volunteers created a new troop numbering system because the majority of troop numbers were duplicated at least once in other service centers.
 Service Center (formerly Greater Minneapolis) will add 1, Northfield Service Center (formerly Cannon Falls) will add 2, Redwood Falls Service Center (formerly Peacepipe) will add 3, Rochester Service Center (formerly River Trails) will add 4, and St. Paul Service Center (formerly St. Croix Valley) will add 5. This new troop numbering system is the preferred method recommended by GSUSA and can be supported by our current technology and databases.
For example, Troop 1140 from the South St. Paul Service Center will become Troop 51140.
Staff and volunteers at Girl Scouts are committed to making this transition as convenient and seamless as possible for our members. The Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys will provide the necessary additional prefix numerals (1-5 and/or zeros, as needed) and new ID strips at no charge to re-registering girls.
On October 1, 2007 all troops should start using their new five-digit troop number on all paperwork, forms, and registrations.
If you have already registered my troop for the 2007-2008 program year under my former troop number, the internal process at the service centers will automatically change your old troop number to your new five-digit troop number. Moving forward, please use your five-digit number when registering or re-registering girls, filling out program registrations, and/or completing all forms and paperwork.
If you need more numerals for your girls' sashes and vests, The Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys will provide the necessary additional prefix numerals (1-5 and/or zeros, as needed) and new ID strips at no charge to re-registering girls.
New troops and bridging troops to the 2008 membership year will be asked to purchase all of the insignia for their uniforms. Bridging troops will be asked to purchase the troop numerals in the new program age level color but will receive the additional prefixes (and zeros, if needed) free of charge. For example, Brownie Girl Scout Troop 762 which is located in the Brooklyn Center Service Center area will become Troop 10762. This troop is bridging to the Junior Girl Scout program age level so the girls/troop will be responsible for purchasing the green numerals 762 and they will receive the green 1 and 0 free of charge as the add-on prefix. Financial assistance is available for any girl where financial hardship is a concern.
The color ID strip will our girls receive will be what ever color you need them to be. We realize that troops may need a different color ID strip depending on their program age level. ID strips for the various program age levels will be available and are the choice of the girl or troop. Please note that if your troop is bridging to the next program age level, they will still need to purchase the top half of the ID strip. The free ID strip for re-registering girls is only the bottom half of the insignia packet, or the "Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys."
Arrangements are being made to distribute the needed prefix troop numerals and ID strips through your local service unit. A special order of numerals and ID strips has been made to accommodate the new troop numbering system. While the new troop numbers go into effect on October 1, 2007, it may take an additional time to have all the numerals and ID strips available for distribution.
We recognize that some troops have a strong identity and tradition attached to their troop number. We also recognize that girls have a historic opportunity to be part of the new Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys! We strongly encourage girls and troop leaders to use their new troop numbers. As of October 1, 2007, the use of the new troop numbers is required on all registration forms and council-related paperwork. Girls are encouraged to change their insignia on their uniforms as soon as possible, but it is not required, especially if they will be bridging to a new program age level within the year.


It's official! Our new realigned council name will be the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys! The Girl Scout Councils of Cannon Valley, Greater Minneapolis, Peacepipe, River Trails, and St. Croix Valley will become one legal combined council on October 1, 2007. Both the name and start date have been approved by the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Council Realignment Committee, which consists of members from the current five Girl Scout councils.
"This is a major milestone as we move forward in creating 'the place to be' for girls," said Shelley Jacobson, chief executive officer of Greater Minneapolis and co-chair of the Council Realignment Committee. "We remain committed to providing the highest quality programs and resources for girls, helping them build courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place."

The Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys will serve approximately 51,000 girls in 48 counties in southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The community can look to the new council for expanded opportunities for girls, enhanced services for adult volunteers, and vibrant partnerships to meet the changing needs of girls.

"Girls have been–and always will be–the primary focus of Girl Scouting," said Cathy Baumgartner, board chair of Peacepipe and co-chair of the Council Realignment Committee. "Council realignment is a bold, strategic move that strengthens Girl Scouting's future and allows us, as the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys to deliver on our promise to positively impact the greatest number of girls in our community."

For recent realignment news, click here.

Spookamaga News


Spookamaga is moving its date! Mark your calendars for October 13. It's not too early for older Girl Scout troops (sixth grade and up) to start planning for the frightfully fun weekend of October 12-14. Please call Witch One (Linda Hudepohl) at 651-429-3083 right away to join in the Ghoul Scout fun. For more information visit

The Depot Ice Rink in Minneapolis
The indoor rink at The Depot is truly one of a kind. Set inside the restored shed pavilion, it features floor-to-ceiling glass windows that fill the arena with natural lighting during the day and provide a beautiful view of the downtown skyline at night.


The Depot Ice Rink is offering a $5.00 admission fee with a discounted skate rental of $3.00 per person for those who are under 17 years old.
Contact Danielle Klinsing at (612) 758-7868 to set up a reservation.  For more information about the Depot Ice Rink, click here.

Minnesota Dreams Jamboree 2007
Escape to Minnesota July 18-22, 2007 for the Minnesota
Dreams Girl Scout Jamboree in Northfield, MN.
The event is open to all registered Girl Scouts
who have completed the 6th grade and Girl Guides
who are between the ages of 12-18 by the date of
the event. Several housing options are available.
Minnesota and international troops may begin
registering April 17, 2006. Visit the Web site at for additional
information, updates and forms.


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Program age levels in Girl Scouting include:


Daisy Girl Scouts 

ages 5-6 or grades K-1


Brownie Girl Scouts

ages 6-8 or grades 1-3


Junior Girl Scouts

ages 8-11 or grades 3-6


Cadette Girl Scouts / Studio 2B

ages 11-14 or grades 6-9


Senior Girl Scouts / Studio 2B 

ages 14-17 or grades 9-12